XL & XXL Bully Pitbulls

Coyote Pitbulls is a Pitbull Kennel who carry XL & XXL Bloodlines and we work with the best! We make sure to select dogs from these Extra Large Pitbull Bloodlines to produce exactly what we are looking for when we do our breedings. We do breed for big dogs but also breed for a more athletic dog that can still move and function like a 60 lb pitbull. Our main goal is produce dogs that are in the 130 to 150 range that are still agile and built like a tank.

We Work with Extra Large Bully Pitbulls

Our main goal is to produce Big Bully Pitbulls around the 120 to 140 lb range so we work with our bloodline that we started creating 8 years ago to make sure we know that is going into these dogs. We still want an extra large pitbull that can move and function like a working dog. That’s why we use our bloodlines that we started with when we first started. We started off with old school razors edge that had the look we needed, the bully rear wide chest and still able to move and function like a working dog and not to mention very loyal to their owners.