Potty Training a Pitbull Puppy

When it comes to potty training pitbull puppies it can be an ongoing thing and you have to stay on top of it or you will get nowhere really fast. They can smell any place where they have used the bathroom at before and they will keep using those places. So you will need to clean those places extra good to remove any scent that the puppies can smell. I find using a puppy crate with a pad on the bottom just in case he or she has an accident. Feed them and then take them outside for about 20 minutes or so to give them time to use the bathroom right after you feed a water them.

Large Puppy Poo & Pee Training Pads

When you buy the Training pads make sure you get extra large ones because sometimes the puppies will miss the pad and then you got a mess on your hands. After a while the puppy will start to learn to use the pads if he or she must. Give the puppy a reward after he or she uses the bathroom on the pad to make it feel like a game to the dog.