A Little About Coyote Pitbulls

We’ve been breeding blue pitbulls for over 8 years now and have come along ways. We got that old school Razors Edge Bloodline, Gottiline, XB, GK, BGK, and Juggernaut XL Bloodlines. We strive to produce clean correct and functionality into our dogs. We are some of the best blue pitbull breeders in the world. We produce dogs anywhere from 60lbs up to 120lbs just depending on the bloodlines and the breedings. Please visit our home page for more information about our dogs.

The Best Pitbull Breeders in Florida

When it comes to Florida, we are the number one pitbull kennel and have been for some time now. Although we are based out of florida we have homed our puppies all over America. We have sent our puppies to places such as Alabama, Alaska, California, Texas, Maine, New York, Las Vegas and that’s just a few of the states and cities where our puppies live at now. When it comes to being the best pitbull breeders our productions speak for themself. We have produced many many nice pitbulls time and time again.

Coyote Pitbulls Have the Best Bully Pitbulls

When it comes to Bully Pitbulls we have some of the best bloodlines that produce size with the desired American Bully standards as far as the body structure goes. Also our prices are very reasonable compared to other top name kennels. Malachi is one of our best bullies that hits over the 100lb range and has that signature american bully rear and the boulder shoulders.