From Lauren R in Washington DC

Where to start …. and yes, this will be long winded as this was not a decision we took lightly and want to share every moment of it.

After having a dog-less home for several years, my 6 year old was now old enough to understand the responsibility of having a dog. We missed having a furry family member greet us at the door after a long day at work, one who provided unconditional love. It was decision time, we knew what breed as I had previously welcomed other pit bulls into the home and even had one when my son was born. Her personality and behavior was exactly as the breed was initially intended for, a “nanny” to kids. She never left his side, not even during nap time when she slept at the foot of his crib waiting for him to wake up.

In late January this year, we finally made the decision to once again welcome a new family member to the home. The hardest part of the decision was finding someone to provide us with our new furry bundle of joy. I scoured through kennel registries, friends/families recommendations, even google searches trying to find a kennel that was able to provide what I was looking for. Every kennel started to look the same after a while, promises of the “best” puppies you could ever want.