From Krista in Florida

My name is Krista Malloch and this is my pride and joy Kai Grace!! I can’t thank you enough Donald and Coyote Kennels!!!! She is another AMAZING puppy I have the privilege of loving!! I can’t say enough about y’all! Not only is she seriously the most beautiful girl, but she’s super smart and gentle as they come!! Living proof that bad owners make bad dogs!!! Coyote Kennels produces the best of the best and if you’ve ever had the pleasure of owning one of their dogs, you’ll agree. These dogs are family and raised and treated as such! He truly loves and grooms each and every one of his animals to be part of another loving, caring family! My Kai is so well adjusted and has the most sincere loving, sweet, and kind personality it shocks people who are ignorant of the breed!! The breed it self is truly the best, yes I’m a little biased, but this puppy is a social butterfly! She loves people, dogs, puppies,babies especially, and we’re learning not to chase the wild cats outside!!! Coyote Kennels is truly an example for any breeder and any breed! Donald you are truly the PITBULL whisperer! The quality of your dogs is priceless, perfect example of the beauty of this breed! Kai is stunning! Everyone that sees her says so..perfect color, perfect markings, ears uncut and perfect, nose on point, paws huge, muscular stature, epic, posture and mannerisms all PITBULL!!! As you can see I’m a huge COYOTE KENNELS fan! I love y’all like family cause y’all are family!!! I’m so happy and grateful for my Kai, she has truly been a blessing and I cherish everyday with this beast!! I couldn’t ask for anything else with her..she is truly perfect! Just want the world to know if your a responsible, and respecting of the breed owner looking for the PERFECT PITBULL, Coyote Kennels is your answer! Please if your not a serious breed owner don’t waste their time because they do not allow their puppies to placed with unqualified owners..wouldn’t have it any other way either! It’s breeders like Donald that keep it real, and ultimately gives hope to those of us who truly understand, respect, and LOVE this breed! Thank you, thank you, thank you, and if anyone wants to hear more, feel free to ask!! WE LOVE COYOTE KENNELS!!!