Pitbull Puppies For Sale We Ship to Tennessee

We produce some of the best pitbull puppies and ship them to Tennessee! If you live in Tennessee and you have wanted an American Bully or Pit Bull puppy transported from Coyote Pitbulls, let us ship your new puppy to you! We will arrange shipping for you anywhere in Tennessee, just as long as state or county regulations do not prevent you from owning bully breeds (including American Bullies and Pit Bulls). Finding the perfect, healthy, blue Pit Bull or American Bully puppy with quality bloodlines sometimes means looking outside the state of TN. Coyote Pit Bulls & American Bullies will get the perfect puppy to you. You can choose from air shipping and ground, we will do all the work to arrange the best option for you with the best shipper possible. Shipping of our pitbull puppies by ground is handled by Coyote Pit Bulls or a USDA licensed pet shipper. For air shipping we use Delta or United Airlines. Those airlines have more relaxed breed and temperature restrictions. Ground transport to Tennessee cities costs about $250-350. Your new pit bull puppy will be delivered straight to your door. Air shipping costs to TN airports depends on the weight and the age of the puppy. Air shipping would require you to pick your puppy up from the airport. Please contact us for an estimate for air shipping to Tennessee.

We ground ship within all cities in TN such as Knoxville, Jackson, Memphis, Nashville, Bristol, Clarksville, Franklin, Johnson City, and Murfreesboro. For air shipping, your puppy will arrive via Delta or United Airlines to major airports in Tennessee. TN major airports include, but are not limited to Memphis International, Nashville Regional, McGhee Tyson Airport, Tri-City Regional, and Chattanooga Metropolitan Airports.

Of course, you are welcomed to find your own pet shipper in Tennessee. Be advised, if you choose a shipper for your new puppy, we are not liable for any events once the puppy has left our possession. We recommend finding a shipper who is USDA licensed with a good amount of references. Shipping to Tennessee can be found here: http://www.uship.com/search/states/Tennessee/

Please check with your state and county laws regarding owning an American Pit Bull Terrier or American Bully puppy. Some states and counties may have restrictions on the breed, while some areas have no limits on owning a pit bull or bully puppy. We can also check for you if needed!