Maryland American Bullies XL

Our very beautiful Bully Pitbull puppies are available for sale worldwide, including Maryland. We breed for health, temperament, and stability first & foremost above everything else. However, our Pit Bull and American Bully puppies will meet and exceed all of your expectations. If you live in MD and have been searching for that perfect XL Bully puppy that meets all of your standards, Coyote Pitbulls can have that perfect pup shipped to cities in Maryland such as South Kensington, Fairwood, Naval Academy, Poolesville, Chevy Chase, and Urbana, MD.

We Ship Our XL Bully Puppies to Maryland

We do use licensed and insured USDA pet ground shippers and also all the major airlines to ship our puppies to airports in MD such as BWI, SBY, HGR, ADW, MNT, and NHK. Many pet transporters do provide ground services to Maryland and your puppy can be delivered right to your residence or workplace if you desire.

Your New Blue Pitbull Puppy

Our puppies are able to go home with you no less than 8-9 weeks of age after they have been health certified by our vet and have age appropriate vaccines. Your blue Pitbull puppy also comes with a 5 year health guarantee against life threatening genetic defects. If you have any questions for us, please feel free to contact us for more information.