What We Feed our Pitbull Puppies

A lot of people ask us what do we feed our pitbull puppies. We keep them on the mother the whole time from Day 1 to Day 60 if we can and let them start eating when ever they want, we normally feed them with the mother. We use Showtime Advanced, its 31 22 and it is priced decently. We use Showtime to feed all of our dogs, the adults and the puppies.

Feeding 3 & 4 Week old Pitbull Puppies

When our puppies are this age we mix wet food with dry food. We will get cans of wet dog food beef if we can, the puppies seem to love beef. We also sometimes will mix dyne in with the puppy food. It adds extra weight on them at a faster rate and they love it.

Feeding Pitbull Puppies can be Fun

To watch a litter of puppies attack a food bowl can be very entertaining and fun to watch. My girls used to love watching puppies eat their food and running around.