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Deposits Are Non Refundable

Deposits are non refundable, things may happen from time to time such as the breeding not taking, not enough puppies on a litter, puppies who die early, or you do not like the way they turn out. We do not refund ANY deposits. We will however let you transfer your deposit to a future breeding pick spot or use one of our studs for a breeding you have planned.

Ear Crops , Health Certified and UKC Papers

We do not offer ear crops unless its a situation where its absolutely necessary and we will charge an extra $800 for us keeping the puppy at our kennel longer, the price of the ear crop and extra attention your puppy is going to need from us. All of our puppies come health certified by a vet and are seen at 8 weeks old age. All of our puppies also come with their UKC paperwork.