XL Pitbulls Stud Service Available

If you are looking for an XL Stud to use for your female we have 2 very nice XL Studs that we use in our breeding program. XL Pitbulls are not bred as much as normal pitbulls such as the gotti and razors edge bloodlines. They are not as common but they are in high demand making their puppies a little pricey. For more information on our XL Pitbull Puppies please visit our Puppies Page.

XL Pitbulls Are Very Popular

XL PitbullThese dogs have been popular for some time now and the prices have been high because not many people have them and their bloodlines. You can expect to pay anywhere from 2k up to 20k for one of these dogs just depending on the kennel you get them from and the bloodlines. We charge anywhere from 1500 to around 7000 for our XL Pitbull Puppies just depending on the breeding and the bloodlines and the pick spot that you want to reserve.

BGK Bloodline and Juggernaut Bloodline

XL PitbullWe have 2 main XL Studs at our kennel that we use in our breeding program. Malachi is a BGK dog that came from Big Gemini Kennels who is line bred and is producing very nice with the right females. Moses is a Juggernaut grandson and is producing very nice as well. Moses has produced dogs over 100 lbs and thats with females around 65 lbs. He is out producing himself and that’s exactly how we like it here at Coyote Kennels.