XL American Bully and Pitbull Puppies for Sale

Blue Pitbull PuppyWelcome to Coyote Pitbulls we are Elite Blue Pitbull Breeders with pitbull puppies for sale! Our Pitbull Kennel is one of the best in Florida and the world for healthy and functional Bully Pitbulls. We specialize in Blue Pitbulls but we also breed tri from time to time as well. We do breed more of XL Pitbulls (extra large pitbull) at our pitbull kennel. Some people call us American Bully Breeders, which is also true. These dogs are registered as American Bullies in different kennel clubs. Whatever you want to call them bullies or pitbulls we have some of the best XL bloodlines such as ICK, Kong, Juggernaut, GK and BGK blood. We also breed our own XL bloodlines from our dogs that we have been breeding over the past 8 years. We have been breeding for size and functionality for some years now so you won’t find these combination of bloodlines anywhere else.



Dedicated Blue Pitbull Breeders with the Best Bloodlines

We are dedicated pitbull breeders producing muscled up, thick, healthy, and functional blue XL Pitbulls and American Bullies with the most desired bloodlines. Our kennel was established in March of 2010, with just two beautiful pitbulls. Our first breeding was in 2011. Since then we have worked hard to breed the perfect dog. We produce the perfect bullies with form, function, health, positive energy, intelligence, loyalty, good temperament, and looks to complete the total package. We strive to create the perfect XL pitbull bloodline.

Our Extra Large Blue Pitbull “Moses”

XL PitbullWe love XL Pitbulls and we have Moses now which is a grandson of THE UNSTOPPABLE JUGGERNAUT (Juggs blood ). Moses is a Huge Pitbull and his grandfather The Juggernaut is one of the best producing XL bullies in the dog community. Our boy comes off Blue Print which is the Juggs son and one of his top producing sons. On Moses mother’s side is also great blood, she is a comet Daughter which is another top dog in the XL community. Anything we breed Moses to will come out BIG!

XXL Pitbull JuggernautMoses is currently around 107 lbs and he still has a year to grow a little more, we expect him to get around 110 to 115 at his top weight and around 22 inches tall. Moses is our 1st XL Pitbull but he wont be our last. We plan to move a little more towards the bigger bully pitbulls and start breeding top of the line xl bloodlines.

Our Standard Blue American Bully Pitbulls

Bully Pitbull
Bully Pitbull Messiah
Messiah is producing his same look in his productions so far. He was exactly what we had been looking for when we brought him to our kennel breeding program. The muscle tone on this boy is without a doubt impressive. Messiah is every pitbull breeder’s dream come true when it comes to breeding in that bully pitbull look and he comes from XL bloodlines as well. We have big plans for Messiah and his genetics. His pedigree is really shining through in the pups he has sired. We can’t wait to see the puppies he produces with the various bloodlines out there. Right now he is throwing head, short muzzle, and those signature hulk shoulders. We will have pitbull puppies for sale off this super bully in 2018 and 2019. We will be posting Messiah’s productions as they grow so you can see his genes at work with your own eyes. We have no doubt that you won’t be just as impressed as we are. Stay tuned for more exciting news on this muscled up bully pitbull.

Our New Extra Large Pitbull Stud Malachi

BGK's Malachi
BGK’s Malachi at 8 Months Old
Meet BGK’s Malachi, our new up and coming stud. This beast is only EIGHT MONTHS OLD in this pic. He is currently 85 lbs and about 21? tall at the shoulders. He loves to play in the water (preferable with the water hose) with the other dogs. He has absolutely no dog aggression, male or female. He really just wants to play with the dogs or his toys. He is extremely intelligent and loving. Watch for pitbull puppies for sale off of this awesome boy, we plan to do some good breedings in 2018. He often stops what he is doing to give whoever is playing a big hug. Keep an eye on him, he is not only a beautiful muscled up Pitbull beast with an awesome pedigree – his temperament is EXCELLENT like all of our dogs. Malachi IS 100% a blue carrier so he will produce blues with another blue or a blue carrier. He may also carry the tri gene (at), pending on color testing. We strive to be the best American Bully Breeders in Florida.

We Are Breeding the Best XL Pitbulls in Florida

We are Pitbull Breeders and located in Hawthorne, a small town in North-Central Florida; we are conveniently centered in the middle of Ocala, Gainesville, and Jacksonville, FL. We are just a short drive from other nearby cities such as Daytona, Tampa, Orlando, Interlachen, Clearwater, Lakeland, Melbourne, St. Petersburg, Saint Augustine, Palatka, and Starke, FL. We ship with USDA licensed ground shippers or Delta and United for air shipping. We can ship almost anywhere in the United States (for air travel buyer is responsible for cost of shipping crate, cost of travel heath certificate, and all shipping costs – Coyote Pitbulls will make the shipping arrangements).
Most of our pitbull breedings will produce puppies that are more blue colored then white, although 99.5% of them will have white somewhere on them. We also produce blue tri bully puppies from time to time as well. All of our puppies will turn out blue, blue and white, blue tri or blue brindle.

Please Contact Us if you have any questions about our pitbull puppies. Thanks for your interest in our dogs!

Florida’s Number One Pitbull Kennel

11 Acres for our blue bully pitbulls to playWe have been building more and more to our Pitbull kennels and yard. As Pit Bull breeders we know the importance of keeping our dogs nice and healthy and giving them their play time so they can work their muscles and body out. We just privacy fenced in a large section of our yard just for the dogs. We plan to keep adding more to our kennels as time goes on, keep checking back for updates.