XL & XXL Pitbulls

XXL Pitbull MosesOur kennel has some of the largest, bulliest, and cleanest XXL Pitbulls in Florida and the United States. Moses is our MLB’s Blueprint son. Candy is our Probull’s Kong granddaughter. We plan on introducing 2 more XXL Pitbull females to our kennel in 2017-2018.
XXL Pit Bulls range from about 21-27 inches tall at the shoulder and weight anywhere from 95-190 pounds. They are massive dogs with a good energy level, good temperament, and usually with a healthy drive.

While these dogs are huge, they do not lack good temperament and health. Depending on the bloodline, they make great dogs for active families (or they can be couch potatoes), and can be trained in activities such as show and weight pull, hunting/hogging, lure coursing, and agility. An XXL Pitbull has an intimidating look to them, which makes them a perfect dog not necessarily for guarding, but at least for warding off anyone thinking about invading your home or property. Who wants to come face to face with a huge PitBull (even if it will lick them to death)?

Huge Pitbulls

Huge PitbullsThese huge Pitbulls come from several bloodlines. Some of the more known XXL bloodlines are GK (Ganghis Kon), XB (Xtreme Bullies), ICK (Iron Cross Kennel), some strains of Gotty (also known as Gotty), some strains of Razor’s Edge (also known as RE), Probulls, RB (Royal Bloodline), BGK (Big Gemini Kennels), Bossy Kennels, and Ace (Show Stoppin’ Ace) to name just a few. Each XXL Pit Bull bloodline may carry slightly dissimilar traits such as differences in energy levels, variations in the amount (or lack of) drive, differences in build (some XXL bloodlines produce a taller, massive dog while others produce a shorter, huge Pitbull). Additionally, some bloodlines may produce pups that grow into adults that may be more or less tolerant of other dogs or have slight (or zero) tolerance of small animals (also referred to as high or low prey drive).

Choosing an XL Pitbull Puppy

Reputable breeders and kennels will know the temperament, drive, working ability, intelligence, and energy levels of their dogs – going many generations back. All of those qualities just mentioned are hereditary, meaning they are traits that are passed on by the parents. A good breeder will choose a breeding pair to enhance the good hereditary traits, and to water down or offset any unwanted traits. Please contact us so we can better pair you with the right XL puppy that suits your family and lifestyle.