What Do I Feed My Pitbull Puppy?

what do i feed my pitbull puppy?

One of the most common questions we have is “What do I feed my pitbull puppy?” Coyote Pitbulls is here to offer help and advice on how to choose the best quality foods for your new family member.


We feed our pit bull puppies a high protein/high fat all ages kibble called Showtime Advance.  It has a protein content of 31 and fat content of 21. Because this breed is subject to some digestive intolerance and have sensitive skin (especially blue, fawn, cream, chocolate coats which are considered “dilutes’), it is important to choose a kibble that is corn free, meat, poultry, or fish based, and preferably also grain free, soy free, and/or gluten free.  Choose a puppy formula or a formula designed for “all ages” or “all life stages.” Choose a kibble with a protein content exceeding 24% and a fat content exceeding 18%.  Keep in mind if your puppy is active, your kibble should be on the higher side of these number. A low energy puppy will do well on a kibble with the lower side of these numbers.


Start with the recommended feeding on your dog food bag. If the puppy seems hungry still,  increase the kibble by 1/4 of a cup.


Due to food changes, your puppy may temporarily develop loose stool. If this happens, don’t be alarmed. Add a spoonful of sugar-free canned pumpkin to your pitbull puppy’s food (not pie filling, just plain pureed pumpkin). This will add fiber to their diet and help firm up any loose stool.


If your puppy seems itchy, upset stomach, vomiting, or green stool – this is a sign of an intolerance in the food you are using. Grain is usually the culprit. Try switching to a grain free food. Keep in mind beef, poultry, lamb, pork, and other animals used in dog food are grain fed. The grain allergy may stem also from the meat. In these cases it may be necessary to switch to a fish based food or other meat that is not primarily grain fed.


Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions!