Training Your Puppy as a Service Dog

So you are thinking of training your puppy as a service dog? Coyote Pit Bulls has produced several puppies that have went on to be service dogs, emotional support dogs, and therapy dogs! We breed for good temperament, health, and intelligence. The pitbull puppies we have for sale just happen to be beautiful as well.

Let’s take a look at the differences between service dogs, therapy dogs and emotional support dogs:
SERVICE DOG: A very highly trained dog taught to perform physical tasks and work (specific to their owner) in order to assist their disabled owner (or handler) with disabilities that would otherwise limit their owner (or handler). Service dogs are not encouraged to socialize and interact with the public.

EMOTIONAL SUPPORT DOG: This dog’s main job is to provide emotional support, through companionship, to their disabled owners. No training is required.

THERAPY DOG: A dog trained to aid in psychological or physical therapy. No training is required, however good temperament, obedience, tolerance of strangers, and a good social and stable personality is required.

If you are planning on training your pit bull puppy, training and socialization need to start young (preferably no earlier than a couple of weeks after they received their final round of their puppy vaccines – you definitely don’t want to expose a puppy who is not fully vaccinated to disease that is found at pet stores, parks, and in hospitals).
Take your puppy out. Let him or her experience as many sights, people, sounds, animals, and smells as they can. They may be a little nervous in the beginning, but soon they will learn that these are not threats. Start at least basic obedience training. Start teaching basic tricks. Praise your dog often. Expose your puppy to different scenarios. These are the building blocks to raising a stable, confident, well socialized and tolerant dog – and the basic foundation of a service animal.