Terms and Conditions

“Buyer” is defined as any person placing a deposit on an available pick spot or puppy, or a person who has paid in full for a puppy.
“Breeder,” and “Seller,” refers to Wiley’s Coyote Pit Bulls and American Bullies and the individuals who own the named business.
By placing a deposit on a puppy or an available pick spot on a current or planned breeder, the Buyer and Breeder agrees to the following:

1.) Puppy is purebred and *registered (*pet-home puppies under a contract to spay or neuter will receive their paperwork once the purchased puppy is sterilized before 6 months of age and [vet] proof of the procedure is sent to the Breeder).
2.) Buyer will receive a healthy, functional puppy that is vaccinated and health certified and free of internal and external parasites. Puppy will be examined by the Breeder’s vet before Buyer takes possession and the puppy is certified/documented as healthy.
3.) All deposits are non refundable. Deposits can be transferred to an available pick spot. Breeder must be notified via email. See REFUND POLICY.
4.) Puppy must be taken to the Buyer’s vet within 3 days of possession to verify health.
5.) Puppies will be able to leave between 8-10 weeks of age, as deemed appropriate by both the Breeder and the vet.
6.) Purchases are final. If any transport fees are incurred, transport fees are non refundable.
7.) Buyer agrees to notify the breeder of the intent of the puppy (show, breeding, pet that will not be bred). If Breeder is not notified of intent, Breeder will assume puppy is a pet.
8.) We breed with health, temperament, intelligence, and function in mind and plan breedings based on those traits. However, the Breeder cannot guarantee color, weight, height, temperament, intellect, trainability, fertility, and overall appearance of the puppy at adulthood.
9.) Puppies will be held for payments for up to 11 weeks of age if Breeder is notified and has set up a payment plan with the Buyer.
10.) Breeder will contact Buyer via email, phone, text, and social media. If Buyer fails to respond after 5 attempts, Breeder will assume the Buyer is no longer interested and the deposit is forfeited. Puppy or pick spot will become available for purchase to the public.
11.) Buyer agrees they do not reside in an area/region or have membership within an association that bans “Pit Bulls” and mixes thereof.
12.) Buyer agrees to check with their property owners (if they rent or lease) or city/state/county laws and regulations to confirm they are permitted to own a dog and also own a dog of this breed.
13.) Buyer agrees that in the event they cannot keep or care for their puppy or dog, the dog WILL NOT be surrendered to an animal shelter, pound, or rescue. Breeder will take back any dog or puppy produced by the Breeder. If a dog is surrendered, Breeder has the legal authority to regain possession of the dog and seek back all associated fees of this repossession from the buyer.
14.) Buyer agrees to complete and submit all contracts within one week after placing the deposit.
15.) Buyer agrees to verify identity and address for contracts and payments.