Coyote Kennels Elite Pitbull Breeders

Pitbull Breeders
Pitbull Breeders
Coyote Pitbull Kennels are Pitbull breeders located in North-Central Florida. We have some of the most amazing, quality producing blue studs available. These boys are producing some nice puppies. These pups come with big bone, muscle mass and muscle tone, health and function, and most of all, excellent temperament. Coyote has pitbull puppies for sale, check out that page for more information.

We have several bloodlines available with these boys. From standard blood like Razor’s Edge and Gaff, and Greyline, to XL blood like Ganghis Kon, Iron Cross, XB, and Aceblood. With such a variety in pedigree available, we are able to not only produce a high quality puppy with the looks to match, and we are able to match the right puppies with the right homes.


Pitbull Kennels

Pitbull Breeders

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Pitbull Kennels Serving The World

While our Pitbull Kennels do have numerous inquiries from the east coast, we have placed our puppies in homes worldwide. We are able to accommodate pet transportation for those who live all over the world. Our bloodlines have made it as far as Alaska, South Korea, and the Dutch Caribbean. In addition, our studs have produced several working service animals and dogs that compete in active sporting competitions (such as weight pull).

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