Refund Policy

“Buyer” is defined as any person placing a deposit on an available pick spot or puppy, or a person who has paid in full for a puppy.
“Breeder,” and “Seller,” refers to Wiley’s Coyote Pit Bulls and American Bullies and the individuals who own the named business.
By placing a deposit on a puppy or an available pick spot on a current or planned breeder, the Buyer and Breeder agrees to the following refund policy:

1.) All deposits placed on a puppy or pick spot are non refundable. Deposits or balances can be transferred to an available pick spot or puppy.
2.) All purchases are final.
3.) Returns are only accepted for puppies covered under our CONTRACT and HEALTH GUARANTEE.
4.) For returns, Buyer is responsible for fees associated with transport back to the Breeder.
5.) Fees associated with transport and health verification are not refundable.