Razors Edge Pitbulls

Razors Edge
Razors Edge Bloodline
The Razor’s Edge Bloodline can go back about 20 years ago. This bloodline pretty much was in its early day were big blue bully pit bulls, which is what we breed at our kennels today. They are very muscled up dogs with beautiful faces and very healthy dogs that can move around easily, jump, great temperament and have good endurance.

Those are just a few of the reasons we chose to use the RE line for some of the foundation stock in our breeding program. We want to keep all of those good qualities in the puppies we produce from our yard. As pitbull breeders we understand the importance of good bloodlines and want to put this to good use in our yard. Its getting hard to find this old school blood used much anymore so only a few kennels still carry the blood as it was created in its early days.

Although this is a great blood line, its not the only one we carry in our yard but it can almost certainly be found in almost all of our dogs somewhere in their lineage.

Pitbull Breeders and Kennels with the RE Bloodline

As mentioned above, its very hard to find kennels and breeders who still breed for these great traits in their dogs. For the most part almost all of the kennels out there have started to breed more for bull dog traits also called American Bullies now. American bullies are shorter dogs with bowed legs and smashed in faces very similar to a English bulldog. American bullies do have tighter skin then a bulldog but carry almost all of the other traits. We do not breed most of our breeding’s for those traits but from time to time we will do an american bully breeding.