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Puppy Giveaway Contest

We have never held a contest before, but thought it would be something fun to do! We went over and over many fair ways to do this, so this is what we came up with:

Pit Bull Puppy Giveaway Contest

We want you to submit a 300 word article about the below topics (you can choose!). We will choose the article that wins!

  • Article must be 300 words or greater.
  • Article must be original, unique content – cannot be copy/pasted or plagiarized (we will check).
  • Article must be one of the topics mentioned in this post. However, if you have an idea for something related to this breed that you would like to write, feel free to shoot us an email and we may add it to the list of topics.
  • You can enter 5 times with new, unique articles.
  • Please submit articles with you name, contact information, and location so we may post these articles with your credentials.


The winner receives 2nd pick female from our upcoming Moses & Mia breeding! Winner is responsible for any related shipping costs. Winner must be in a region and in a home that permits this breed. Winner must also agree to signing our contract.


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