Prescribing The Perfect Dog Diet

I’ve had a pet dog at almost every stage of my life and what I can tell you for free is that dogs certainly don’t resemble us in any distinct way. Yeah, he might be panting away as he lies by your feet, but deep down -if he could talk- it would probably sound like “Dude, how about a glass of cold water, the heat is killing me!” Fun fact: Dogs sweat through the mouth and nose. Anyway, the good health of your dog is just as important as your well-being is to you. So when we start talking about a healthy dog diet we’re not asking you to put on an apron and play Master Chef for your best friend.

 Dog care and dog diet for healthy dogsWhen you get your first dog, the first thing that strikes you as peculiar is that a dog won’t readily eat apples, bananas, oranges and a host of other fruits. Why, right? Well, firstly, it’s absolutely weird for them. Secondly, dogs are carnivorous by creation. Not to say all that their bodies process is essentially protein. No! They too require vitamins and carbohydrates whichever way they can get them. However, they aren’t in the woods with the coyotes, wolves and other carnivorous predators. They’ve been domesticated and cut-off from nature.

An Apple A Day….

Not so much about giving him whole apples and expecting her to make a plan. A walk in the park might reap sparse rewards, but that’s never enough, or promised either. So you -as master- have to supplement your dog’s diet with extra nutritional treats. Why should good old Hooch miss out on the action.

I suggest boiling any vegetables, fruits, and other leftovers. That done, take the broth and mix it with your regular pet food as part of your dog diet. Another great idea is to make a mash/paste and mix the pet food with it. But whatever you do, don’t forget to include a few meaty teasers whilst you’re at it.

Spoil Him/Her From Time to Time

Over the years dogs have acquired something of a reputation. Dogs can eat anything, and quite ironically, us too when confronted with the prospect of death. But this is no excuse to give your dog leftovers from two nights before that have become slowly encased is layers of mold.

Kiss all those cost effective rotting food recipes goodbye and usher in a new era of civilization for your loving pet. Allow her to brag to her other dog friends that she’s getting plenty of calcium from occasional milk or eggshell snacks. That she’s heavily overdosed on carbohydrates and roughage from last night’s cereal dessert. Remember that rotting food causes diarrhea and stomach worms, you ought to know better!

Check Food Labels!

Lastly, packaging labels can be a source of vital nutritional information. However, there’s more to them than what meets the eye. The Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) is primarily responsible for setting food quality standards for animal feed. So if you see the AAFCO logo then you can be certain that its quality is guaranteed. In case, you’ve enjoyed reading this piece of content, you can consider visiting Build Great Farms to learn more about dog care.