What Are Pick Spots On Our Pitbull Breedings?

There is a lot of confusion on what exactly a pick spot is on our pitbull breedings. We wanted to take a moment to clarify this. We hope this will be helpful and offer some insight on pick spots and deposits on our dogs.


Interest in a Pitbull Breeding

When you inquire about our available puppies or for any current or up and coming breeding, you may see we have “pick spots” listed that we are taking deposits on. We usually take anywhere from 3-4 pick spot deposits on each breeding. These pick spots are ultimately guarantees that the person who has the deposit on that pick spot will be able to choose in that order. A deposit locks in that spot for you, no one else may have that picking order unless it is forfeited. In addition, no one else may choose until the spot before them has made their choice. We feel this way is the fairest way for everyone who has placed a deposit. Considering the higher pick spots are generally priced higher and the lower pick spots have a considerable price difference. I will explain in more detail below.

Pick Spots Defined

Per each gender, the pick spot is the order in which a person will choose. So lets say you have a deposit on 2nd pick male spot on a breeding. The dam of that litter produces 5 males. First pick will have first choice of all those males starting at 5 weeks of age and continuing until 7 weeks of age for all picks. You, the second pick male deposit will have the next choice over the remaining 4 males (minus the puppy that first pick chose) after the first pick person has made their choice. The next pick spot person cannot choose until you have made your choice. The order of choices will continue in the order of pick spots. The same will be true for the pick spots on the opposite gender. In the event a pick spot is not filled, Coyote Pitbull Kennels will make the choice.

Time Frame and Duration of Puppy Pick Spots

Pick spots initiate at 5 weeks of age for the first pick spot holders. They will continue up to 7 weeks of age for the last pick spots for both genders. If an unreasonable amount of time has passed and a pick spot owner has not made their choice, Coyote Pits reserves the right to make the pick for this individual in order to progress choosing to the next individual. Picks can me made in person, via Skype, Facetime, email, or social media. Whichever is easier for the pick spot owner. We will announce to everyone with a pick spot on which day they will commence. We cannot allow unreasonable amounts of time for choosing. Please be sure if you are choosing in person to schedule an appointment with us within 2 days of the choosing date, as others are waiting on you to choose so that they may choose.


If you have any questions at all or if you need more clarification on a Pitbull breeding spot, please contact us and we will get back with you within 24 hours.

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