Pit Bull Puppy Behavior

Let’s talk here about pit bull puppy behavior.  And in all actuality, these behaviors are indicative of all breeds. If your puppy bites, chews, paws, or wants to play rough – don’t worry.  It is normal puppy behavior. Remember, your puppy has been with 7 to 9 other litter mates and the only way they know how to play is by biting, barking, roughhousing,  and pawing. We socialize the best we can for the short amount of time that we do have them.  Pit Bull puppies fight for teats while nursing from birth. They don’t start walking and playing until 4-5 weeks of age. That gives us 3-4 weeks to break them of some litter behavior, but not all. Since they are with their litter the entire time they are with us, more effective training begins when they are with their new families (without the distractions and set backs of their littermates). This is why it is important to continue training and be diligent with your efforts. It doesn’t take too long to break them of any bad habits with one on one sessions.  Our dogs are very intelligent, and we get so many compliments on how fast our puppies catch on with the intelligence they inherited.

Being a Good Pitbull Puppy Owner

Being a good puppy owner starts with training and patience. Remember, they are just babies and each with their own little quirks. Below is some of the things to help make training more effective.

  • Praise your pitbull puppy, even small accomplishments. Always use their name while praising!
  • If you need to scold your puppy, speak assertively (not yelling), and use one or two word phrases like “no,” “stop,” “stop that,” “in the crate.”
  • DO NOT USE THIER NAME WHILE SCOLDING FOR UNWANTED BEHAVIORS. This causes behaviors like running and hiding when they hear their name, or confusion if their name is being used with praise and punishment.
  • Redirect what they are doing that you don’t like. For example, if they are chewing on your finger, stick a rawhide in their mouth.  If they are barking at you, walk out of the room with no eye contact and don’t say a word to them. If they are jumping on you, turn your body away and walk away (this lets them know that jumping on you or barking at you will never get and keep your attention).
  • Take advantage of some of the affordable puppy training classes at Petsmart. Courses not only provide training for your puppy, but they also train you to train your puppy!


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