Pac X Rossi

Pit Bull Puppies For Sale

***Will be bred in Nov.*** We are breeding our boy Pac to our kennel partners dog Rossi, We bred Cain to her and had GREAT results, wide fronts, short (but not squatty) stance and GREAT temperaments! We expect the same with her and PAC or even better. We are keeping the 1st pick female to put back in our kennel program. After seeing what Rossi produced with Cain you can expect all blue and some blue fawns in this litter with very little white. Rossi’s father is very bully with big thick bone and shorter legs. This breeding will pull more of that out but not to much giving a perfect mix with the two dogs.

1st pick female – Reserved for Coyote
2nd pick female – Reserved for Edgar L in NM
3rd pick female – Reserved for Tim & Megan, TN
4th pick female – Closed
1st pick male – Reserved
2nd pick male – Reserved
3rd pick male – Reserved
4th pick male – Closed

We only open 2-4 spots on females and 2-4 spots on the males until they are born. When they are born we will open up what ever is available back on this page. Breeding dates are approximate. Click here to contact us about this breeding.
Deposits are deducted from the total amount. Deposits are to secure your pick spot. No spots will be secured without a deposit.

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