Bluenose XL Pitbull Candy

Moses x Candy


Candy was bred 5/29/2017! This will be our biggest breeding of the year. Our 2 XL’s Moses which comes from Juggs blood and Candy which is a Kong grand daughter. There will be a few pups that will hit well over 100 lbs from this breeding. Expecting blues and white/blue.

Picks and Availability are as Follows:

1st pick female – Stays with Coyote Pitbulls
2nd pick female – Reserved – E. Broughton
3rd pick female – Reserved – T. Currie, TN
4th pick female – Reserved – E. Smith
1st pick male – Reserved – Lobo, S. Korea
2nd pick male – Reserved – Jon G, NY
3rd pick male – Reserved – B. Oliver
4th pick male – closed

We only open 2-4 spots on females and 2-4 spots on the males until they are born. When they are born we will open up what ever is available back on this page. Breeding dates are approximate. Click here to contact us about this breeding.
Deposits are deducted from the total amount. Deposits are to secure your pick spot. No spots will be secured without a deposit.

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