Daxline Bully Female Fawn Drama

Moses & Drama

Pitbull Moses A Blueprint Son
Daxline Bully Female Named Drama

**8 Males, 2 Females Born 6/4/2017** Drama is a beautiful girl with a great pedigree. The muscle on this girl is amazing. Her and Moses will create some pretty incredible puppies. The pedigree of both dogs is beyond outstanding. While we expect very bully, very boned up and large puppies, we do not know exactly what colors to expect in this litter, Drama has produced tris in the past and its in moses pedigree as well, so we might get some tris out of this breeding. All pups will be blue carriers, and some will be tri gene carriers if you are looking to add that to your program.

1st Pick Male: Reserved
2nd Pick Male: Reserved for D. Strother
3rd Pick Male: Reserved for D. Morgan
4th Pick to 8th Pick Male: $1,800 Deposit of $600
1st Pick Female: Reserved
2nd Pick Female: $2,000 Deposit of $800
3rd Pick Female: Closed

We only open 2-4 spots on females and 2-4 spots on the males until they are born. When they are born we will open up what ever is available back on this page. Breeding dates are approximate. Click here to contact us about this breeding.
Deposits are deducted from the total amount. Deposits are to secure your pick spot. No spots will be secured without a deposit.

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