Messiah & Posey

bluenose pitbull juan gotty or gottiline female

Posey is in heat! Per progesterone testing, she will be bred Halloween 2017!
Posey is a beautiful muscle-packed girl. A beautiful *almost* solid blue sweet heart. She is grand daughter to the one and only The Notorious Juan Gotty on both top and bottom (linebred). Messiah carries just as much muscle, if not more! His pedigree consists of Razor’s Edge & EZ Rider/Chief. He is son to none other than everyone’s favorite XL Champion Balu! Expecting an entire litter of almost solid blue pups! If you are looking to add some color to your breeding program, these puppies will carry the tricolor gene (they will not be tricolor, but they can produce tri with another tri carrier or a tri coated dog).

1st pick female – Reserved
2nd pick female – $2,500
3rd pick female – $2,000
4th pick female – $1,500
1st pick male – $3,000
2nd pick male – $2,500
3rd pick male – $2,000
4th pick male – $1,500

Deposits on all pick spots is $700.

We only open 2-4 spots on females and 2-4 spots on the males until they are born. When they are born we will open up what ever is available back on this page. Breeding dates are approximate. Click here to contact us about this breeding.
Deposits are deducted from the total amount. Deposits are to secure your pick spot. No spots will be secured without a deposit.

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