bgk pitbull puppies for sale in florida

Malachi & Envy

bgk pitbull puppies for sale

Breeding will take place around Oct., 2017 These puppies will be medium to high energy dogs when they get older. Envy is the daughter of GRCH Blade. Malachi is the linebred BGK – 100%!. Envy is a tri producer – Malachi produces blue. We expect at minimum tri carriers from this litter and mostly or all blues. This is Envy’s final breeding.

Envy has been bred to Malachi! Expecing an early Dec litter!

1st pick female – Reserved
2nd pick female – $3,000
3rd pick female – $2,500
4th pick female – $2,000
1st pick male – $3,500
2nd pick male – $3,000
3rd pick male – $2,500
4th pick male – $2,000

Deposits on all pick spots is $700.

We only open 2-4 spots on females and 2-4 spots on the males until they are born. When they are born we will open up what ever is available back on this page. Breeding dates are approximate. Click here to contact us about this breeding.
Deposits are deducted from the total amount. Deposits are to secure your pick spot. No spots will be secured without a deposit.

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