Huge Pitbulls are Growing in Popularity

Huge PitbullsHuge Pitbulls are all the rave these days in the pitbull communities. The bigger the better for a lot of people interested in these giant dogs. Pitbull Breeders have been using selected breeding methods in order to create a huge pitbull style of dog thats been labled as the XL and XXL Pitbulls. They can get anywhere from 100lbs up to 200lbs and anywhere from 20 inches tall up to 29 or 30 inches tall with tight skin and the agility of american pitbull terrier. Some of these dogs are the size if not bigger then a lot of the mastiff bloodlines out today.

Huge Pitbulls and The Kennels Breeding Them

There are a few really good kennels out there who breed these huge pitbulls such as Riverside County Pitbulls and Black Smoke Bullies just to name a couple. Some of these kennels have been breeding for 10+ years so they have had a lot of time to gather some of the top xl bloodlines to add to their breeding programs. That could be very well why the price is so steep on some of these dogs, some of these xls have sold for well over $50,000 and some of the puppies from certain bloodlines go for 10k a puppy.

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