Homemade Satin Ball Recipe For Dogs

Build mass on your pitbull with satin ballsThis is a recipe we use (as needed) on our Pitbulls. Satin balls is one of the most effective supplements to get weight back up on your dog. This supplement is great for nursing and lactating mothers, stud dogs that have lost weight, show dogs that need a couple of pounds added before a show, rescue dogs that really need to gain weight fast, and dogs that have recovered from an illness. We recommend using this supplement on puppies over 6 months of age. This is a short term supplement. Long term use on our Pitbulls would cause obesity which can lead to more serious issues that are attributed to obesity. This is essentially “junk food” that is high in protein, fat, and vitamins. This supplement is better than Bullymax for weight and mass gain.

Satin Balls Recipe We Use For Our Pitbulls

10 pounds of low quality ground beef (look for the highest fat content!)
1 large box plain (not sugary) corn flakes
1 large can of uncooked oatmeal
6 raw eggs (save the shells!)
4 boiled eggs (save the shells!)
15 ounce jar of wheat germ or ~4 cups of flaxseed
5 packages of unflavored plain gelatin
1.25 cups vegetable oil
1.5 cup of Dyne
1 cup of puppy milk replacer (powder only – can be substituted with MVP K9 Weight Gainer)
3 raw, whole carrots
(Gallon freezer bags or Tupperware needed)

Boil 4 eggs, peel, set aside peeled eggs and shells. Crack raw eggs in a separate bowl. Beat raw eggs. Set aside beaten eggs and shells (boiled and cracked egg shells can go in the same bowl).
Crush boiled eggs.
In a separate bowl combine raw eggs, Dyne, and vegetable oil.
In a large bowl, combine all dry ingredients (this includes all egg shells, cereal, powdered gelatin, crushed boiled eggs, oats, wheat germ, and powder milk replacer). Mix well. While mixing, try to crush the egg shells as small as you can.
Shred raw carrots. Add shredded carrot to dry ingredients.

On a large cutting board, knead raw thawed ground beef. Add all dry ingredients. Knead all together well. Once all is mixed add the Dyne, vegetable oil, raw egg mixture (just a little at a time. Knead together, similar to making meatloaf. If the mixture seems a little too runny, add more wheat germ or oats.

Once all is mixed well, shape into balls a bit larger than a golf ball. Freeze several in each freezer bag or Tupperware. Continue until you have created a ball with all of the mixture. Feed 1-3 a day for a 2 weeks or less. Can be fed frozen, fully thawed, or slightly thawed. DO NOT COOK. Supervise all feedings.