The first dog my husband and I ever owned was an APBT. We had 10 wonderful years with Rain. When she passed she left a huge hole in our hearts. After a few months, we decided it was time to invite another dog into our family. We knew we wanted another APBT or Bully, deciding that was the easy part. The hard part was finding a reputable breeder. After several weeks of searching, we had almost given up when we ran across Coyote Pit Bulls website. We thoroughly read and re-read every piece of information their site had to offer. Beautiful, muscular, smart dogs raised in a family environment. It was too good to be true! After the first time talking with Donald and Sheila, we knew we had found our breeder. Not only were they extremely professional and friendly but they took the time to answer the NUMEROUS questions we had without any complaint or delay. They sent us pictures whenever we asked, which was often. They even sent us a video. About a month after finding Coyote, our little girl Rogue was delivered to our door in Wisconsin. (All arranged by Coyote!!!) She was perfect! She was exactly what we were looking for. Rogue is now an active and too smart for her own good 6 month old puppy. We love her more and more everyday and could not be happier. Donald and Sheila have continued to be amazing and still ask for updates and check in on her periodically. They really care for and love their dogs. When we decided to add another member to our family, it will definitely be a brother or sister for Rogue from Coyote Pit Bulls.

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