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Where to start …. and yes, this will be long winded as this was not a decision we took lightly and want to share every moment of it.

After having a dog-less home for several years, my 6 year old was now old enough to understand the responsibility of having a dog. We missed having a furry family member greet us at the door after a long day at work, one who provided unconditional love. It was decision time, we knew what breed as I had previously welcomed other pit bulls into the home and even had one when my son was born. Her personality and behavior was exactly as the breed was initially intended for, a “nanny” to kids. She never left his side, not even during nap time when she slept at the foot of his crib waiting for him to wake up.

In late January this year, we finally made the decision to once again welcome a new family member to the home. The hardest part of the decision was finding someone to provide us with our new furry bundle of joy. I scoured through kennel registries, friends/families recommendations, even google searches trying to find a kennel that was able to provide what I was looking for. Every kennel started to look the same after a while, promises of the “best” puppies you could ever want.

One day I stumbled upon Coyote Pitbulls and just like the others, reviewed every inch of every page. Something was different though, they stood out above the rest. It wasn’t the 5 year health guarantee or the exquisite documented blood lines that helped me know that this was the kennel, even though those were definitely a positive. However, it was that they were small and FAMILY owned. The focus of family on their page was what I wanted; this was going to be our family dog, who would be around children. The attention to temperament with each breeding and how the puppies would be around their children was all I needed to say “THIS IS THE ONE!”

From the first moment that I spoke with Donald and Sheila on the “Moses X Envy” breeding to receiving updates along the way during Envy’s pregnancy only helped comfort my decision. They never let an important moment go by without reaching out and keeping us in the loop. Even surprised me with a special birthday present when I received the very first pictures of the female puppies we had a choice of. We immediately knew which puppy was our puppy. Giantess as they dubbed her was perfect; from head to toe. Fast forward to her last check up; we received the update that “Giantess” had a clear bill of health & was ready to come home. “Giantess” was initially supposed to leave that Saturday (10/8) via carrier to start her journey from FL to VA. Little did we know but Hurricane Matthew had other plans of his own. I want to bring special attention to this because when everything settled, Donald and Sheila could have said “the carrier will not be able to bring her until 10/21 due to delays after the Hurricane,” but they didn’t. They didn’t just settle for someone who could bring her up prior to that date but more importantly someone who was also a caring & knowledgeable transport; The Bully Bus. She departed FL on 10/13 and a couple days later, she was home!

She is now named Shayna (still nicknamed Giantess) and is everything plus more than we could have ever asked for. She is now 13 weeks old as I write this review; an energetic bundle of happiness, an eager to learn little girl and a social butterfly. As I mentioned in the beginning, the importance of a family oriented dog was at the top of the list when we made the decision on a dog as well as a kennel. I cannot stress enough that she 100% fulfills this and is best friends with my son; literally the perfect example of “A boy and his dog.”

I think back to the day I found Coyote Pitbulls and just smile. Donald and Sheila stay in contact with us for updates on Shayna because they genuinely care about each and every puppy they have produced. This was even more self-evident when we became Facebook friends and I still see them interacting with “parents” of dogs from years back! I can’t thank them enough for Shayna!

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