exercise for high drive dogs like rottweilers

Exercise For High Drive Dogs

Exercise for high drive dogs like pitbullsThe energy levels of this breed varies greatly from bloodline to bloodline. Sometimes, a bloodline will always produce companion couch potatoes. Dogs that would rather eat pizza with you, watch Netflix, and chill. Some bloodlines will produce exactly the opposite – dogs with such high drive and energy levels that it is a difficult task to find enough activities for your dog to exert that amount of energy daily. We all know that a dog without the means to release that energy will often resort to chewing, whining, barking, excessive licking, chasing small animals, and numerous attempts to escape from a home or yard. Well, I recently discovered a new dog sport to help your high drive dog (whether he is a Pitbull, a Bully, or even a Malinois) exert energy in a very cool and positive way. It is called Urban Mushing and it is definitely an exercise not just for my breed, but for other high energy breeds.

Urban Mushing For High Drive Dogs

Urban Mushing for High Drive DogsUrban mushing is essentially a scooter powered by your dog. You are able to steer, brake, and ride just as you would if no dog was powering the scooter. The website DogPoweredScooter.com has some really great videos to show you how it works. Another benefit of this dog scooter is that if you do have a chubby dog that could use some exercise, this will really keep them fit and trim, with a good amount of lean muscle. I looked through a few of the pics and videos on the site, and all the dogs looked really great. Very healthy, great looking dogs of many breeds. I would love to try it. I would also recommend this to our dog families. I could imagine using one of these on the beach out here with our dogs.

High Drive Dog Exercise

How cool is this?
Exercise for high drive dogs like poodles

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