pet insurance that is affordable

Do I Need Pet Insurance?

We all want our furry friends to have the best food, the best beds, the best everything. Shopping for our pets is just as entertaining as shopping for our children or human family members. But what about making sure that our pets have the best health possible and at an affordable price? As pet owners, pet insurance is something that should be at the top of our shopping lists. With the high cost of emergency vet bills, health insurance for our pets is no longer a luxury item. It is a necessity.

Choosing and Comparing Pet Insurance Policies

When choosing a pet insurance policy there are a few things that we should consider. How many pets will be covered (some policies offer multiple pet discounts)? What is the budget (what can we afford)? What is the species, breed, gender, and age of the pets (breed, age, and gender sometimes affects policy premiums)? Are these pets intact, or have they been sterilized? Does my pet’s breed naturally have health issues such as skin conditions or an intolerance to some food ingredients? All of these considerations are important to help identify how often your fur baby will need to be seen by the vet, or if an emergency can easily arise in your pet’s life. When choosing and comparing a pet insurance policy, please weigh in on these factors. It may also be helpful to research your pet’s breed(s) beforehand to know what issues may arise in their lifetimes. For example, blue coated breeds may be more susceptible to skin issues and food allergies, so you may want to choose a plan that covers this. Flat faced cat and dog breeds may be more susceptible to heat intolerance and heat stroke, so you may want to choose a plan that has a higher coverage for emergencies if you have say a Himalayan cat or an American Bully dog.

What Can You Afford?

While it is important to determine what is affordable to your family on a monthly basis, it is also important to know that in an emergency vet bills may be in the thousands without proper insurance coverage. Could your family afford thousands in order to cover a life saving emergency procedure for your pet – a procedure where time is critical as well?

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