Our Contracts

Please copy and paste this into a Word document or other word processing software, print, sign, and return upon deposit.

• Seller agrees that pup (or dog) will be delivered in good health, current on all vaccinations (including rabies if over 16 weeks of age), wormed and on a worming schedule. Puppy (or dog) will be free of Parvovirus, Parainfluenza, Distemper, as well as any life threatening genetic defect.
• Coyote Pit Bulls agrees that any cosmetic flaws or faults (kinked tail, overbite, underbite, etc.) that are present on the puppy will be disclosed as soon as they are present.
• While we try to place each puppy in specific type homes, we cannot guarantee show and/or breeding quality of any pup. Additionally, it is the responsibility of the new owner/buyer to disclose his/her intentions for this puppy so the appropriate puppy can be placed. If no intentions are disclosed, breeder assumes pet quality is the intention: Pet, Show, Breeding.
• All puppies or dogs offered for sale will have a current Florida State “Certificate of Veterinary Inspection” (AKA a ‘health certificate’) from a licensed veterinarian as required by Florida Law (FL Statute 828.29).
• Puppies (or dogs) will be free of worms (confirmed by our vet) and on a regular deworming schedule. A normal, regular deworming schedule should continue as recommended by your vet. It is your responsibility as the new owner to keep up to date on deworming and vaccinations. Pups (or dogs) that develop or acquire diseases and/or illnesses due to delayed or lack of vaccinations, lack of proper vet care, and worms will not be replaced or refunded. Please be a responsible owner.
• Puppies will be available between 8 and 10 weeks of age. Puppies cannot leave to their new homes until they are both health certified and at least 8 weeks of age as required by Florida Law (FL Statute 828.29). NOTE: Coyote Pitbulls reserves the right to hold puppies past 10 weeks of age for reasons such as (but not limited to): Pet shipping schedules, a balance due, minor illnesses or injuries (such as, but not limited to: poor weight gain, scrapes or scratches from littermates/rough play, environmental allergies, delays in pick spot progress, and so on). During this time, the buyer’s deposit and any balance paid is still applied to the same puppy, unless buyer decides by email to transfer funds towards a different available puppy or pick spot on an upcoming breeding. Additionally,
• Coyote Pit Bulls will never knowingly or purposely sell a sick or ill puppy (or dog). Additionally, a veterinarian will never health certify a sick or ill puppy (or dog). We, the “seller,” reserve the right to view vet records of the pup if new owner feels that a sick or ill pup was sold. Any puppy that is found to be sold with an illness will be replaced by Coyote Pit Bulls with an equivalent available puppy. No monies will be exchanged.
• To honor the health guarantee below, new owner agrees to follow up at their vet within THREE DAYS of receiving the pup. If at that time the vet determines that the pup has a life threatening genetic defect, puppy will be replaced with an equivalent available puppy. Please Note: Heart murmurs of grade 2 or below are not considered life threatening. Puppy will need to be reevaluated by your vet to confirm the severity of any heart murmur. What initially seem to be low grade heart murmurs are common in puppies and just as commonly never heard again by a vet. Coyote Pit Bulls reserves the right to ask for a second opinion from another vet and to have buyer’s vet records forwarded to our vet.
• New owner agrees that in order to honor the terms of the health guarantee, puppy must be evaluated by a vet for life threatening congenital and hereditary defects within three days of taking possession of the puppy as outlined in Coyote Pit Bulls’ health guarantee (see page 3 of 3).
• You, the new owner, agree to provide a safe and caring home for your new puppy (or dog). Coyote Pit Bulls will never purposely or knowingly sell or re-home any puppy or dog to be used for illegal activity. If it is found that new owner is using the puppy or dog for illegal activity, Coyote Pit Bulls reserves the right to willingly gain possession of the puppy (or dog) and will pursue legal actions to regain puppy (or dog) if new owner is unwilling to surrender puppy (or dog) to Coyote Pit Bulls.

• Coyote Pit Bulls is solely responsible for supplying the registration/kennel club papers. Registration papers for all registered puppies will be available at pick up. In some cases beyond our control (delays in processing, etc), paperwork will not be available at pickup and will be mailed to address provided by new owner. All puppies shipped will have registration/kennel club paperwork mailed. Most airlines and ground shippers will refuse responsibility and possession of this paperwork.
• The new owner understands that blue coated or colored puppies or dogs of all breeds are prone to skin and coat issues. Coyote Pit Bulls cannot guarantee against or be held responsible for skin or coat problems on blue coated/colored pups or dogs. If any issue occurs, they are often inexpensively and easily treated by the new owner.

*Buyer/New Owner: I have read & understand the above terms and conditions above (sign/date on line below).


• If you can no longer provide for the pup (or dog), you must contact Coyote Pit Bulls Kennels. We will gladly take any of our productions back and provide a safe home for them. This does not mean we will buy any and all dogs back. This means we must have the right to first refusal. New owner understands that Coyote Pit Bulls must be contacted FIRST before pup (or dog) is surrendered, sold, re-homed, or abandoned. We reserve the right to have first refusal of the pup (or dog) if being sold or re-homed. We will NOT refuse a dog being surrendered.
• Deposit for picks are first come, first serve. Pick spots are assigned according to order deposits are received. Picks are started and completed between 5 and 7 weeks. Coyote Pit Bulls reserves the right to delay picking for reasons such as, but not limited to: poor weight gain, minor injuries or illnesses, and such. Additionally, things such as total bottle feeding due to dam’s refusal to care for puppies or due to mastitis or other illnesses creates a very rough start for a litter – puppies usually do not catch up with weight and growth until they are several weeks of age (bottle feeding is not optimal for newborn puppies and can easily cause aspiration pneumonia, loose stool, very painful gas, and poor weight gain/poor digestion).
• Coyote Pit Bulls accepts Money Gram, Western Union, PayPal, Cash (local only), and domestic bank wire transfers for transfers over $250. Buyer is responsible for all fees incurred from using any of these payment processors. However, we recommend using PayPal as it has the least expensive fees.
• The buyer/new owner understands that the price of the pup (or dog) and shipping (if applicable) must be paid in full before a shipment is booked.
• Any deposits are non refundable, but can be transferred to another litter. If buyer backs out of agreement after the pup is 6 weeks or older, deposit is forfeited and chosen pup will be relisted or Coyote Pit Bulls will retain possession of the pup. Let us know ahead of time if you would like to transfer.
• Receipts for any transactions or payments made to Coyote Pit Bulls, Donald Wiley, and/or Sheila Cook will also serve as proof of payment.
• By signing this agreement, buyer/new owner understands the terms of sale, terms of contract, terms of shipping, and terms of deposit.
Buyer/New Owner: I have read & understand the above terms and conditions above (sign/date on line below).
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• Congenital/Hereditary Defect Guarantee: Coyote Pit Bulls will offer a five (5) year guarantee against life threatening congenital defects found within five years of the puppy’s date of birth. If the dog/puppy dies due to a congenital defect as certified by a licensed veterinarian through a necropsy report within the five (5) years of puppy’s date of birth. Buyer may recover a healthy dog of the same value. No money will be exchanged. If shipping is needed it will be buyer’s expense. No cash refunds. No refunds for shipping. In this case, all papers must be signed with a transfer to Donald Wiley and/or Sheila Cook so the pup/dog can be reported to the registration/kennels clubs as deceased. Please note that many disorders that would be a major problem in other breeds may not be considered hereditary. Coyote Pit Bulls is not responsible for miscellaneous problems such as: Hypoglycemia, Coccidia, Guardia, parasites, luxating patellas, types of bacterial infections, and certain disorders that may be caused by environmental factors, i.e.: allergies, thyroid dysfunction, Demodectic Mange and other autoimmune disorders. Hernia repairs nor cherry eyes and such do not warrant return of monies as it is not life threatening and in no way interferes with the quality life of the puppy. There is no guarantee by Coyote Pit Bulls as to breeding abilities, show quality, size, coat quality, temperament or adaptability – however, any apparent defects, faults or flaws WILL BE disclosed if they are present in the pup before buyer takes possession.
• Puppy must be evaluated for life threatening congenital/hereditary defects by a vet within three days after buyer takes possession of the puppy.
• Please note – Heart murmurs of grade 2 or below are not considered life threatening. Puppy will need to be reevaluated by your vet to confirm the severity of any heart murmur. What initially seem to be low grade heart murmurs are common in puppies and just as commonly never heard again by a vet.
• Limitations of Guarantee: Coyote Pit Bulls does not guarantee against common canine diseases and conditions, including but not limited to, hypoglycemia (low blood sugar), Kennel Cough, Coccidia, Guardia, blindness, deafness, hip dysplasia, ear mites, worms, cherry eye, luxating patellas , and Alopecia (skin problems.) Buyers are not entitled to guarantee if the defect, disorder, or death is the result of maltreatment, neglect, injury or illness that occurred after the buyer took possession of the dog/puppy; if the buyer fails to carry out recommended care instructions provided by the Coyote Pit Bulls; or the buyer fails to carry out reasonable treatment protocol recommended by the treating veterinarian and the health guarantee is void. Coyote Pit Bulls also does not guarantee adult size, weight, temperament, coloring, markings or trainability. Coyote Pit Bulls shall not be responsible for any veterinarian bills after the purchase date of the dog.

By signing this health agreement, buyer/new owner understands and agrees to the terms of this health gua