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Best Hunting Dog Breeds

Best Hunting Dogs

Considering a dog for hunting, well these are among the best breeds out there.

The Labrador Retriever
One of the best dogs for duck season is the loyal and lovable Labrador. The Labrador is excellent company, full of energy and an amazing swimmer. The best choice for leaping into the water and grabbing that duck or goose. They are also good options for smaller game like grouse or quail.

The Pointer is an intelligent hunter, hard worker and a loyal companion. This was a favorite dog of upland hunters in 16th century England. Being bred to keep up with the long distances of the hunt, the Pointer is eager to keep up with you and has the stamina to push further than most. This dog has a keen sense for the hunt and will soon apply their powerful senses in locating your game.

American Foxhound
The American Foxhound is a hunting dog deep into their bones and they will catch on to the activity with uncanny instinct. But they can be difficult to train as they are full of energy and a particularly stubborn character. Nevertheless, they will join in the hunt quickly as their instincts are strong. Be sure to begin introducing your American foxhound to the hunt early in their life so they can be capable partners when they grow older.

The Beagle looks a lot like a mini-American Foxhound and has the same love for hunting and keen sense for tracking. The dog has a surprisingly strong sense of smell and is not satisfied till the object of their curiosity has been discovered. The Beagle is also very intelligent and independent. You will find they are determined and fearless while on the hunt and also very playful around kids.

The Bloodhound is the quintessential hunting and tracking dog and has been used extensively in the line of duty. This rare dog has been able to capture the scent of their prey even after many hours of exposure to the wind and sunshine. These special qualities also make the Bloodhound one of the best shed hunting dogs. The Bloodhound will hunt a scent for miles without losing focus or the path, then they make great companions for the family with their saggy faces and gentle temperament.

Golden Retriever
While this has long been considered the ideal family pet, the Golden Retriever was actually bred to be a tracker and bird dog. These instincts die hard and the Golden Retriever is still one of the best hunting dogs out there. Just don’t expect much from their duties as a guard dog, the Golden Retriever is just too friendly. If you are looking to hunt with a dog like this then there are many deer blinds for hunting come in all shapes and sizes for dogs like this.

While the Weimaraner was initially bred as a sporting dog, their instincts drive them toward their prey this makes them excellent hunter in the field. Those without much experience in dog ownership and training will find the Weimaraner to be a tough customer. Without lots of attention and exercise the Weimaraner can become impatient and high strung. Introduce your Weimaraner to shed hunting early so they will understand the idea and make great forest companions.

The Pudelpointer is a gun and bird dog and one of the best choices for shed hunting and tracking due to their capacity to manage all types of terrain in search of their quarry. The Pudelpointer is fast and agile and can handle steep slopes better than most hunting dogs. It is a happy and enthusiastic companion as well and bear a strong loyalty to their master and family.

German Shorthaired Pointer
This intelligent and versatile dog can perform all of the duties you would expect in a pointer or retriever. It can retrieve a bird, point out a quail in the thicket and even sniff out the antlers from a passing buck in the same trip. While it is a rambunctious companion, they are enthusiastic companions and good with the family. After a bit of exercise this is a good option to curl up on the couch with.

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