Puppy Giveaway Contest

free pitbull puppy

We have never held a contest before, but thought it would be something fun to do! We went over and over many fair ways to … Read more

Pitbull Kennel

Have you been interested in becoming one of the up and coming American Bully or Pitbull kennels? There is a lot that goes into breeding … Read more

Moses & Zelda

Zelda the tri color pitbull blue

Were bred Feb 13, 2017 You all know who Moses is – we are taking him to a Zelda, a beautiful tri colored daughter of … Read more

Moses & Diamond

Bluenose Pitbull female Diamond

This will be Diamond’s final breeding and she will be spayed. Diamond is our Cain daughter, produced here at Coyote Pit Bulls. She will have … Read more

Dorie & Moses

Blue Nose Pitbull

Dorie is a Pac & Diamond daughter, a 3rd generation Coyote production. She is a beautiful girl – our first pick keeper! She has the … Read more

Mia & Moses

Mia the blue Razor's Edge and Gotty Pitbull

Mia is a Diamond and Riot daughter. She is absolutely gorgeous, a clean, nice thick chest. She is the result of an XL (Riot) bred … Read more

Moses & Drama

Daxline Bully Female Fawn Drama

**Bred on April 4, 2017** Drama is a beautiful girl with a great pedigree. The muscle on this girl is amazing. Her and Moses will … Read more

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