American Bully XL & Extra Large Puppies

American Bully XLPopularity has increased for the American Bully XL (also known as XL Pitbulls) over the last few years. Each month close to 71,000 people in the USA search for photos and information regarding the XL Bully. There is no doubt that these dogs are really getting the attention of people all over the world. Even celebrities have turned their attentions on these dogs recently. Airlines such as Delta have added them to their fly/do not fly list, and property/apartment owners have added them to their accepted/not accepted lists. So we thought we would talk to you a little about the Am Bully, introduce you a little to these amazing dogs. American Bully Puppies for Sale

Are American Bullies A Real Breed?

Yes, and no – depending on who you ask. The American Kennel Club (AKC) does not yet recognize the American Bully as a breed. So many AKC breeders and pet owners do not consider the American Bully an established breed yet. However, the American Bully Kennel Club has recognized the Bully as it’s own breed for 13+ years – since 2004. Additionally, The United Kennel Club also followed the ABKC and recognized the Bully as a true breed on July 15, 2013. The UKC was formed over 117 years ago (1898), and is considered a very reputable registry. In fact, the UKC was created to recognize The American Pit Bull Terrier as a true breed. The American Dog Breeders Association (ADBA) soon followed suit and recognized the breed in 2016. So, of the top 4 established and reputable kennel clubs, only one does not yet recognize the Bully as a breed. Many in the dog community refer to these dogs as a Bully Pit or a Bully Dog. While it isn’t their formal breed name, when you hear these terms whey are referring to the Bully.

How Big do American Bullies Get?

XL American BullyThis breed can get anywhere from 30lbs (Pocket class) up to nearly 180 lbs (XL American Bully class). While UKC and ADBA have only one variety of Bully, ABKC has 4 classes; they are Classic, Standard, XL, and Pocket. Each class has a height standard. Height comes into factor with the variety’s weight – with Pocket bullies being the smaller variety and the giant variety would be a very tall XL Bully. A good example of a Pocket Bully would be Dax, while an example of an XL Bully would be Craigslist. There is a very noticeable difference between height and weight between these two Bully classes.

Are XL American Bullies Good Around Children and Other Pets?

Yes, they are great with kids generally. And every breeder should always breed for mental stability and temperament first. However when you get to the larger sizes such as our XL Pitbulls and XL American Bullies, there is a bigger risk of accidental injury due to their size, weight, and strength. Smaller children can easily get get knocked down, scratched, or trampled during dog and puppy play times. Leashes can get wrapped around small wrists and legs. There’s just a number of accidents that can happen with any dog this size. These dogs also tend to have medium to high energy levels and drive, so it is often that they will play and play and play to what looks like no end. It is extremely important for puppy owners to continue obedience training and allow adequate exercise in order to raise your XL Bully puppy into a calm, obedient large adult dog. This breed is also generally good with other pets; however, Terriers are the origins of the breed. Terriers were used in fighting sport as well as bull baiting and ratting. This means there is a risk that some puppies will grow into adults with high prey drive (will go after small animals) and who may not get along well with other Bully breeds, or other dogs of the same gender. Sometimes it is obvious that a puppy will display prey drive or dog aggression (DA) in their genetics. However more times than not, dog aggression and small animal drive won’t be noticed until 12-18 months of age. So it is important to ask about the drive, energy levels, and tolerance of other animals, including small and large breed dogs. Usually, a sire and dam will pass on their temperament and energy levels to their puppies.

Are American Bullies the Same as Pit Bulls?

American Bullies and American Pit Bull Terriers separate breeds; however, it gets tricky and may be difficult to follow. The breed makeup that UKC considers Pitbulls are the same bloodlines and genetics that ABKC considers American Bullies. So the answer to this question is Yes and No. The United Kennel Club considers The American Staffordshire Terrier (AKC breed) the same breed as an American Pit Bull Terrier. A UKC American Bully’s breed makeup and origins are The American Pit Bull Terrier and “varieties of Bulldog.” However, ABKC recognizes the breed makeup of the AmBully to consist of the AKC Amstaff and the ADBA or UKC APBT – remember UKC considers these two to be the same breeds. So here is where the confusion lies. So it just depends right now on which kennel club your breeder uses. Our dogs are registered as UKC American Pit Bull Terriers. A few of our XL Bullies do have dual registration as both UKC APBT and ABKC American Bullies.