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Pitbull Kennel
Coyote Pitbull Kennel
We are a small Pitbull kennel with a handful of dogs. We are lovers, owners, and breeders of American Pit Bull Terriers (standard and XL) and American Bullies. We are what other’s refer to as a hobby Pitbull kennel. Our goal is to build up to creating our own bloodline. We know in order to produce the perfect dog (not just in our eyes, but the eyes of potential puppy owners) it will take some time and has to be done the correct way. We accomplish this by finding dogs with clean and correct structure, a sweet and non aggressive disposition and temperament, and breed those wanted traits into our bloodline to create generations of perfection in our yard. Every breeding we do has a purpose and we normally keep or co-own a female from each litter so we can incorporate her back into our bloodline at a later date. From time to time we do co-own our 1st pick keeper females to close friends or family members. It’s all part of the process of building and perfecting up our bloodline – CoyoteLine.

American Bully and Pitbull Kennel in Florida

The goal of of our breeding program is to create a healthy, functional, stable, and PRETTY dog – regardless if that dog is a pocket bully, a standard, a Pit Bull, or an XL. There is nothing more important to us than having a new puppy owner/family be totally satisfied and happy with their new family member. We aim to create a long term and lasting relationship with the owners of the puppies we have for sale. While we do respect your privacy and decisions, we want the families of our puppies and dogs to be able to come to us with any questions, concerns, or advice they may need or have. Often, we will go out of our way to help when we can as Pitbull breeders.

Health And Temperament Foremost

CoyoteLine is created on bloodlines such as Razor’s Edge (RE), Iron Cross Kennels (ICK), Gaff, Greyline (Gray Line), Kimboline, Juggernaut (Juggs) Comet, Juan Gotty (Gotti, Gottiline, Gotti), Worldclass, and Steel Jaw’s. We have carefully selected each dog to introduce into our kennel program, based on traits such as size, quality, bulk, temperament, health & function, disposition, intelligence, color, and overall look. In the end we want to produce a healthy, temperament stable, functional, and intelligent American Bully or Pitbull that is not only all of those things, but a beautiful dog as well. Our dogs are UKC Purple Ribbon American Pit Bull Terriers, and this is the registry we use.

Pitbull play area
Big, Open Yard for the Dogs
Our son Paul and baby Ted (a Pac & Diamond son)
Our son Paul and baby Ted (a Pac & Diamond son)

Coyote Pitbulls is locate in north-central, Florida. We are pretty close to all the major cities in Florida. We are just a few short hours from many of the major cities in South Carolina, North Carolina, Alabama, and Georgia.